ASME Code Case 2901

The new Code Case 2901 has recently been approved by ASME, which allows checking the ratings of the ANSI B16.5 and B16.47 standard welding neck flanges when there are localized loads.

Warning: starting from the 2019 edition of the BPVC, the Code Case 2901 has been integrated directly into the text of the code in UG-44(b) for section VIII Division 1 and in 4.16.12 for Division 2. The option has been moved in NextGen to the Loads category in the Item Properties window.

Note that the program already automatically calculates an equivalent pressure that takes into account external loads. To use the new method provided by the Code Case, however, it is sufficient to enable the appropriate option among the properties of the item, as shown in the figure:

The result of the calculation will be indicated in a special section of the report of the standard flanges for which external loads have been specified in the "External loads" section:

Note that the Code Case applies only to welding neck flanges and, for similarity, to long welding neck flanges.

Author: Sergio Lidonnici
Permalink: KB463027
Published on: 17 Jul 2018

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