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Save time and money by adopting a simple, complete and design-oriented complete software solution.

NextGen is a software for the design and validation of pressure vessels and heat exchangers according to the major internation standards. Along with the calculation against pressure it can check supports, taking into account loads like wind and seism. To finish up, it is possible to evaluate local loads according to WRC bulletins, columns lifting and their structural integrity.

A large materials database is available, as well as flanges, pipes, curves, caps, reductions and other fittings.

Supported calculation codes

NextGen allows calculation according to the following standards:

  • ASME VII Div. 1
  • ASME VII Div. 2
  • EN 13445
  • AD 2000
  • VSR
Along with these, a module to calculate piping by formulae according to EN 13480 is available.

Additional validations

International standards usually do not cover everything you need to validate in order to certify a pressure vessel. For this reason, NextGen integrates additional checks according to the most established manuals, such as Moss, WRC, Bednar, Roark, as well as additional international standards such as Eurocodes or PD 5500.

NextGen in 5 minutes

Ease of use and speed

To do complex calculations you don't need to use an equally complicated program. We put ease of use first in the creation of NextGen, to give the end user a product that allows you to achieve the result in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The design windows are consistent in their appearance, there are visual aids regarding the dimensions to be inserted, contextual help, clear and understandable error and warning messages. The final calculation report is neat and the information easy to find.

Technical support

Our users have access to a privileged support channel: you can contact our support team directly through the program and receive an answer within few hours. Sant'Ambrogio was born as an engineering company and this allows the software team to have a valid support in order to guarantee the customer the best possible response.

Continuous development

The NextGen service fee includes continuous updates to the program: we normally release 2-3 updates every year and each of these contains a long list of new features, regulatory adjustments, improvements to what is already present and corrections of issues. For maximum transparency, a list of these changes is available for each version.

Tailor made license

Why pay for something you don't use? The NextGen license is fully customizable and allows you to purchase only the modules relevant to your business. It is always possible to extend it later by integrating new modules.

NextGen is now available also in rental form, so as to offer the widest and most flexible range of options and cover every need.

Try it for free, with no strings attached

Request a demo version of the program today: you will be provided with a full license, lasting one month. During the trial period you will have access to our service and support guides available on this site.

If you wish, we are available for a remote demonstration, to show you the program's features and to answer all your questions.

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