Usage Factor

Usage factor is a new feature introduced in 2016 NextGen release.

Basically, it allows user to have an overview about components' MAWP/MAP and whether one or more values make that component verified by selected calculation code or not.

Main toolbar highlighted button selection activates it.

In order to make a component validated and possibly oversized, MAWP-calculation pressure ratio has to be equal or greater than 1.

First representation happens with bar chart view.

On the x-axis we can see twosome:

  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure Hot and Corroded (when vessel is in operating condition)
  • Maximum Allowable Pressure New and Cold (when vessel is considered as a brand new one)

Every pair of MAWP is supplied by component's name.

As you can notice by the previous screenshot, when you deal with nozzle, long welding neck and so on, an additional wording, that specifies whether component is considered as an opening, cylinder, flange or something, comes with it.

Y-axis expresses calculation pressure.

In case component is validated, MAWP bar would cross calculation pressure reference line, otherwise it will be displayed below the line, making component not verified.

Greater is the distance between MAWP bar and calculation pressure line, the more component shall exceed dimension requirements.

Second representation takes place by model coloration.

Highlighted checkbox tick followed by close button pressure forces 3D model refresh; consequently, software redesigns vessel in order to give to every component an appropriate color.

It's been adopted a color spectrum that reflects components' validation conditions.

Four green gradations from darker to the lighter one describe for the verified components, three red ones (starting with orange-red) paint not validated ones, as you can see in the example below.

Colouring keeps transparency when enabled upstream.

if color appears as dark grey, it means that what we see it is just a component that does not support MAWP calculation and it's not subjected to this check; typically, it happens with supports, like saddles, brackets etc.

Vice versa, unticking checkbox and closing usage factor form, 3D-model reverts to initial status.

Bottom-left highlighted button allows user to switch to external pressure bar chart and switch back to internal ones as well.
In case there's no external calculation pressure, reference line wouldn't be drawn.
Remind that also external pressure concurs to component validation check.

Therefore, MAEWP and MAEP are considered as marker, instead of MAWP/MAP.

Besides vessel, heat exchanger projects are supported too.

Difference stands in the bar chart visualization.
Window is split in two user control: on one hand, the upper graph shows shell side components' pressures, while bottom one hosts tube side components on the other.

Jacketed vessels use same kind of representation.


Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB633795
Published on: 24 Feb 2016

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