Importing HTRI files

In the Heat Exchanger window, you have the ability to read the data of an Heat Exchanger straight from the thermal calculation with HTRI.

HTRI is the leading company producing software for thermal calculation of Heat Exchangers. HTRI is available separately from NextGen: to perform the procedure illustrate in this article, you need a valid license for the two softwares, and both shall be installed on the same computer.

As soon as you create a new Heat Exchanger file, the "Import HTRI file" command is available. Just set the calculation code for the item, then proceed by clicking the import button.

Select the file you want to import and wait a few seconds to let NextGen map said file with its own format. The tube layout window then appears, for you to check the main tubesheet parameters.

If everything is ok, you can proceed by closing the tube layout windows and saving the Heat Exchanger file.

What's being imported

NextGen tries to fetch as many data as possibile from the HTRI file. Not always all these data are available from the source file, so you should expect to find all the geometric data already set in HTRI after the import.

The main configuration of the exchanger is imported, including TEMA type and class, input units and design conditions.

Materials and gasket can also be imported. Materials are limited to a subset of ASME II, comprising aroung 300 commonly used materials.

As for the geometry, diameters and thicknesses of the front end, rear end and main shell are imported, as well as tubesheet dimensions and tube bundle geometry (including thickness, diameters, number of tubes, pitch, OTL, non-drilled areas).

One of the greatest advantages of this approach over a normal data entry is the fact that design and operating temperatures are coming straight from the thermal calculation: in some cases this is fundamental for a good mechanical design, since temperatures may affect a lot the thicknesses of the exchanger parts (e.g. in fixed tubesheets exchangers).

I'm receiving and error while importing an HTRI file

From version to version, the structure of an HTRI file may vary a lot and this may lead to errors when trying to import a new file. Please get in touch with us to receive support on the matter.

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB696485
Published on: 21 Jul 2022