How to import an ASME VIII material from Division 1 to Division 2 or vice versa

To import any material from Division 1 into the ASME VIII Division 2 material database or vice versa, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Open the material database of the Division in which you want to import the material. In this example we will import a material from Division 1 to 2

  2. Select the View option from the Custom Materials menu to access the custom material database database:

  3. Click on the Import button at the bottom of the window:

  4. Select the material you want to import from the material table. It is possible to order the materials by clicking on the column of interest, for example it is possible to sort the materials by Spec Number name by clicking on the column of the same name:

  5. Confirm the selected material and save the database at the exit

Author: Walter Bruschi
Permalink: KB638216
Published on: Jan 12, 2016