Command line program installation

If it is necessary to perform an "unattended" installation of the program from the command line, i.e. without displaying the installation user interface, it is possible to follow this procedure. An unattended installation (or silent installation) is a software installation process that requires no user interaction. During an unattended installation, all options and configurations are pre-set and defined via command line parameters. This installation mode is especially useful when you need to install software on a large number of computers or devices, as it saves time and reduces the possibility of errors caused by manual user input.

Caution, first close all other applications, especially the Chrome browser, to prevent them from interfering with the installation.

After copying the installation package locally or to a path accessible from the computer where you intend to install the program, you can launch it with the following options:

nextgen_xxxx.exe /quiet

By default the program is installed with hardware protection (USB dongle).

To change the type of protection use the COPYPROTECTION option, which can be "Hardware" (default) or "Software". For example, for software protection:

nextgen_xxxx.exe /quiet COPYPROTECTION="Software"

In case of hardware protection it is possible to request not to install the Sentinel/HASP drivers for the USB dongles included in the package. This is useful in case you have already installed another version of the drivers and don't want to update it. Please note that if the program detects drivers that are too old it will throw an error when you try to run it. Also note that this option also works for a standard GUI installation:

nextgen_xxxx.exe /quiet HASPDRIVERS="0"

Finally, it is possible to specify the IP address or the name of the server to which the network USB dongle will be connected. This option is useful in case the server is on a different subnet than the client, otherwise the server is normally discovered without any configuration via a broadcast request:

nextgen_xxxx.exe /quiet SERVER_IP="name/ip"

For example, to install the program in unattended mode, with hardware protection, without drivers and with the key connected to the server with IP address, type the following command:

nextgen_xxxx.exe /quiet COPYPROTECTION="Hardware" HASPDRIVERS="0" SERVER_IP=""

Author: Sergio Lidonnici
Permalink: KB416620
Published on: 23 Mar 2023