How to quickly reuse material or gasket that have already been set in the item

Another feature that allows designer to save time is the quick reuse of a material, taking advantage of the ones that already been defined in the referral item.

Let's say we have an item with a classic ASME 516-70 main shell.
As a second component, we choose not to design a root component (just like domed ends, for example) and instead we opt for a nozzle.

Material is one of the missing properties.

We don't click on Database button or write the material name, whereas we exploit materials that have previously set in the item.
In order to achieve it, let's right-click inside the material property box.

By so doing, item set-up materials list shows up as a context-menu, organized by, that might be e.g. plate, forgery or bolting.
We have only one visible material because just one has been defined in our item.

But list might be longer and more heterogeneous, as screenshot above shows.

Now, we just have to select desired material with left click.

And it will appear in its own property box.

Same principle applies to gasket quick selection feature.

Let's go back to referral item and assume we have already created a non metal-to-metal
Poniamo di aver creato giĆ  una flangia (che non sia di tipo metal-to-metal) with all needed properties.

We create another flange then. If we move to gasket tab, we may notice that "type" is a requested property.

Right-click inside the empty property box and a new list would appear, filled by all available ones because they have been already used in our item.
In this case it is just one.

But, as we saw previously with material examples, there may be many of them, depending on the number and type that have been associated to components of the same item.

Again, we left-click with our pointer (e.g. mouse, trackpad).

And there is the gasket type filled without using database form.

Author: Jacopo Cocchi
Permalink: KB126016
Published on: 12 Dec 2016

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