List of keyboard shortcuts

Item designer

  • F3 Switch to 3D view
  • F4 Switch to Desktop View
  • F5 Update the 3D model
  • F6 Create the current component report
  • F7 Creates the report of the entire item
  • CTRL+1 Shows the item structure in the left panel
  • CTRL+2 Shows the item properties in the left panel
  • CTRL+3 Shows the component properties in the left panel
  • CTRL+S Save the current item
  • CTRL+I Open the item properties
  • CTRL+O Open another file
  • CTRL+B Displays the Projects Browser
  • ALT+F4 Closes the current file
  • DEL Deletes the current component

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB325556
Published on: Nov 27, 2023