NextGen 2023.2 (16 November 2023)

New features

  • AD 2000: It is now possible to insert internal stiffening rings (#14749)
  • Asme VIII Div. 1: Updated ASME VIII Division 1 Edition 2023 (#14902)
  • Asme VIII Div. 2: Updated ASME VIII Division 2 Edition 2023 (#14903)
  • EN 13445: Completed the screening procedure relative to vortex shedding described in Clause 22.10.2 (#9373)
  • EN 13445: Implemented the calculation of the vortex shedding effect in a column according to paragraphs 22.10.3 and 22.10.4 (#14638)
  • It is now possible to define conical channels for heat exchangers (#15127)


  • AD 2000: Improved the calculation of stiffening ring's section modulus (considering the distance from the neutral axis to the most extreme fiber) (#15167)
  • AD 2000: Increased precision of the coordinates of the points in Figure 8 for calculating the parameter β for torispherical heads (#15228)
  • AD 2000: The minimum thickness of the flanged extension of the tubesheet is now calculated without applying corrosion (#15291)
  • AD 2000: Updated modules B8, W7/1 and W10 to edition 05.2023 (#14996)
  • Asme VIII Div. 1: Added a warning in the verification of external loads on the cones according to Appendix 1-5 and 1-8 when only one of the two values of f1/f2 is greater than PRL/2 (#15136)
  • Asme VIII Div. 1: Improved some information in the calculation report relating to lining (#15170)
  • Asme VIII Div. 1: The assignment of governing thickness for rectangular vessels has been revised (#15086)
  • Asme VIII Div. 2: The properties related to steps 3 and 4 of the fatigue screening procedure are now overwritable at a component level (#13568)
  • ASME: Changes to the calculation of kettle cones with tubesheets as indicated in and in UHX-1(6) (#15134)
  • ASME: Improved report for simply supported tubesheets (#15163)
  • EN 13480: Added the ability to create openings on nozzles (#15318)
  • EN 13480: It is now possible to customize the value of zc (weld creep strength reduction factor) (#15182)
  • European: Added specific error for ASME PMA materials used in creep at 200000 hours (#8627)
  • European: Various optimizations to the calculation of the support rings (#15012)
  • Special - Supporti: Added a check for skirts with structure shape B, according to b) (#15138)
  • Special - Supporti: The calculation of saddle ribs was optimized (#15243)
  • Added some important information in the contextual help regarding the calculation of the PED test pressure for ASME devices (#14468)
  • Added support for recent versions of NozzlePRO. To ensure the latest version launches, make sure the path specified in Tools > Options points to your folder where the latest version you have is installed (#15130)
  • Fixed a problem when exporting 3D models containing components such as additional weight or forces and moments (#15119)
  • Improved the report page containing the materials characteristics summary (#14467)
  • The properties described in the report section "Item properties summary" are now printed with more suitable units (#15050)
  • The summary table of the design conditions for tubesheets is now printed using the number of decimals chosen by the user for the unit of measurement (#15218)
  • Updated ASME B16.47 2020 (#15065)
  • Updated ASME B16.5 2020 (#15059)
  • Various optimizations


  • AD 2000: Fixed a bug in the application of option B0 4.1 (#15093)
  • AD 2000: Fixed a bug in the automatic calculation of the axial displacement for expansion joints (#15272)
  • AD 2000: Fixed a bug in the calculation of the centroidal diameter of a stiffening ring section (Dm) (#15120)
  • Asme VIII Div. 1: For openings calculated with Appendix 1-7 having a ratio of Rn/R > 0.7, inserted a validation error: U-2(g) must be applied (#15202)
  • EN 13445: Corrected the K15 parameter formula printed in the lifting lugs report (#15295)
  • EN 13445: Fixed a bug that did not allow the calculation of MAWP for nozzles of type "Opening only" and "Flued opening" positioned in standard flat bolted heads (#15096)
  • EN 13445: In particular configurations the right tubesheet was wrongly indicated as not connected to a cylinder (#15227)
  • EN 13445: Restored the correct display of the sections relating to the "ring" and "base ring" in the calculation of saddles (#15311)
  • EN 13445: Restored the possibility of defining external loads for flanges calculated according to EN 1591-1 (#15147)
  • European: Corrected calculation of width and area of support rings (#15198)
  • European: Fixed a bug that didn't allow the calculation of floating flanges with annex G (#15075)
  • Special - Supporti: Corrected the calculation of the transposition of moments for vessels on skirts (#15158)
  • Special - Supporti: Fixed a bug in the application of the local loads coefficient (#15275)
  • Special - Supporti: Fixed a bug in the calculation of tensile stresses for saddle's anchor bolts (#15349)
  • Special - Supporti: For saddles, the contribution of h (saddle depth) is now limited to R / 3 in the tension stress calculation of the web as indicated by the note (#15327)
  • VSR: Fixed a bug in the calculation of nozzles of type "extruded shell" (#15064)
  • VSR: Fixed the generation of the 3D model for flat heads according to sketch 1.L.2.4 (#15165)
  • VSR: If the flat head has an opening with a diameter bigger than half of the head's internal diameter, the software now shows a validation error (VSR.1.L.3) (#15173)
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic calculation of the weight coefficient of lifting lugs (#15060)
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of corroded weight of a skirt (#15132)
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of tubesheets integral with channel, the effect of the pass partition gasket is no longer considered since it is welded to the tubesheet (#15101)
  • Fixed the height of the 3D model of LWNs connected to blind flanges (#15289)
  • Minor fixes

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB129742
Published on: 09 Jun 2022