How to obtain NextGen software validation certificates

Each version of NextGen is accompanied by a series of certificates, produced by Sant'Ambrogio, which attest to its quality.

In certain cases these certificates are produced on the basis of tests provided by third parties: for example, ASME publishes PTB volumes which include numerous numerical calculation examples.

For the ASME PTB cases, the calculation examples performed with NextGen are available to customers, in PDF format. To obtain these files, simply open the relative folders from the Windows Start menu, under "Sant'Ambrogio NextGen" for the current version.

Where these tests are not available, Sant'Ambrogio employs self-produced tests.

The certificates are provided to active customers, in compliance with the assistance contract: they can be downloaded from your private area, in the "File" section.

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB045405
Published on: 10 Nov 2022