What types of licenses are available for NextGen?

NextGen can work with three different types of licenses, two hardware licenses and one software. The NextGen installation package remains the same for all license types: during the installation process it is possible to choose the type of license possessed, so as to allow the software to recognize it when started.

Software licenses are provided for demo versions of NextGen (also known as trial) and when renting the software, while hardware licenses are provided after purchase.

Single-seat hardware license

It is the most common type of license: it is supplied on a USB "dongle" (a stick that connects to the computer's USB port) and allows the use of NextGen only on the computer to which it is connected.


  • The license is easily moved between computers, just by moving the dongle


  • Only the person who physically owns the flash drive can use NextGen

Network hardware license

This type of license is suitable for larger offices, where several people can use NextGen at the same time or even at different times. The key must be connected to a computer that is "visible" (in terms of network visibility) from all the workstations that need to access NextGen. The key contains a variable number (from 1 to 10) of licenses, which depends on the number of licenses that have been purchased: as the workstation start up NextGen, the number of available licenses is decreased. When NextGen is closed, the number of available licenses is increased.

As an example, let's assume a network license for 3 workstations, which allows simultaneous use by 3 users, installed in an office where there are 10 computers with NextGen installed. Once NextGen has been started on 3 computers, the 4th user who will start NextGen will receive a message indicating that the licenses are all occupied: in order to use the program, he will have to wait for one of the other workstations to terminate his session.


  • The license is very flexible since it allows you to use NextGen on different workstations (even more than the total number of licenses purchased, although not at the same time), without having to physically move keys
  • The network key can also be used through a VPN


  • All the licenses stored on the key must be identical: it is therefore not possible to customize the licenses individually by including or excluding calculation modules (for example, it is not possible to have a network key with 3 licenses, one of which complete with ASME and EN 13445 and two with only the EN standard).
  • A surcharge is applied to the license/network key compared to the single station key

Software license

This type of license is provided with the demo (also called trial) version of NextGen or in the case of a rental. We adopt this type of license because it does not require the shipment of a physical object and can therefore be provided in a short time to those interested in trying the program for free for a limited period of time.


  • The license can be sent quickly


  • The license is tied to a single computer
  • The process of transferring the license to another computer, which we recommend avoiding unless absolutely necessary, requires special attention and the need to deactivate the license on the computer previously in use
  • On a computer that has been deactivated, it is no longer possible to activate the license again

Is it necessary to install an application on clients and server to manage keys?

Key management is the responsibility of the key drivers. No additional applications are required.

Is it possible to connect the network key to a normal PC?

Yes, a server is generally recommended as it remains switched on and available to all clients/workstations, but there is no constraint on the operating system: a normal Windows computer is sufficient. The licenses will be enabled as long as this is turned on.

Is there a "cloud" license available?

Cloud-type licenses (ie distributed from a remote server managed by Sant'Ambrogio) are not available. The NextGen license is perpetual: this means that anyone who purchases NextGen will be able to use the program for an unlimited time, up to the latest version for which they have paid for an assistance contract. That being said, in the event of non-renewal of assistance, it is the user's responsibility to keep the key and the software in good working order.

The hardware key remains the property of the licensee. A "cloud" license, on the other hand, would link the activation of the program to a server owned by Sant'Ambrogio.

How can I use a network key if I don't have a physical server?

As mentioned above, you can connect it to a regular client computer.

How can I configure the network key for access via VPN?

This article describes how to configure it.

I'm a network administrator, how can I have maximum control over the hardware key configuration?

The key configuration panel is available, on machines where the key driver has been installed, at the address http://localhost:1947/. From this address it is possible to change the various options, including the search order or routing to a specific network key.

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB006208
Published on: Nov 19, 2021