NextGen 2022.2 is now available

Version 2022.2 of NextGen has been published: click here to read the changelog.

As always, the program will find the new version once started; to manually check for updates, you can use the Help > Check for updates.

If you wish to install the update from a redistributable setup, head to this link to download the file.

What's new

  • Fatigue screening according to ASME VIII Division 2 has been added, it's an additional module that can be purchased for your license.

  • The wind and seism Indian Standards 875 and Indian Standard 1893 are now available for everyone along with the usual Codes.

  • We perfected a feature we recently introduced, which allows you to consider WRC when determining the maximum allowable pressure of an opening: you can now decide on a per-opening base and also select what type of maximum pressure must be limited.

  • The Italian VSR code has a chapter for the calculation of a sight glass minimum thickness: this optional module has been extended to all calculation codes.

Along with these new features, a number of improvements and bug fixes has been added to the software. Check the changelog for further information.

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Published on: Oct 04, 2022

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