NextGen 2023.0 is now available

Version 2023.0 of NextGen has been published: click here to read the changelog.

As always, the program will find the new version once started; to manually check for updates, you can use the Help > Check for updates.

Version 2023.0 does not remove previous NextGen versions, it is instead installed side-by-side.

If you wish to install the update from a redistributable setup, head to this link to download the file.

What's new?

NextGen version 2023.0 contains mainly reliability and stability updates. In any case, there are some interesting new features:

  • Introduction of the "ribbon bar", a unified toolbar for simplified access to program commands. A guide to using the new interface is available here.

  • Definition of a triad of forces and moments acting on the supports. A guide to defining the loads acting on the supports is available here.

  • Optimized the calculation report by removing some spaces normally left empty to lead to the overall reduction of the number of pages.

  • Management of the output units for the calculation report has been optimized, with the ability of requesting the program to use the default units based on the calculation code.

  • New materials from EN 10217-7

  • Customization of the bolt spacing and consequent possibility to use custom bolts in the calculation of the skirts.

Along with these new features, a number of improvements and bug fixes has been added to the software. Check the changelog for further information.

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Published on: Jun 13, 2023

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