NextGen 2024.0 is now available

NextGen version 2024.0 has been released. Click here to view the list of changes.

As usual, the program will automatically find the update; to force the check for updates you can select Help > Check for updates.

If you want to install the update by manually downloading the related setup, click on this link to proceed with the download.

The 2024 version does not replace the previous 2023.2, it is installed alongside it. Make sure to update the icon you normally use to launch the program.

What's new?

In this release we focused on supporting an updated runtime (more information below) and fixing bugs.

Naturally, there are numerous general improvements and some new features particularly requested by our users, among which we highlight:

  • Added Usage Factor results to the calculation report
  • Ability to disable additional calculation methods on supports selectively
  • Calculation of elliptical openings according to EN 13445 9.4.4

See the changelog for the complete list of changes made.

Technical insight into this update

Most computer software uses a series of software libraries called runtime to communicate with the operating system. In this version of NextGen, we have updated the runtime that the program uses, to keep the program up to date.

This runtime, developed and distributed by Microsoft, is called Microsoft .NET 6 and, compared to previous versions, introduces a significant number of changes for which we had to adapt NextGen.

These adjustments are mainly concentrated on the visual aspect; we have done our best to make the transition to this new runtime as invisible as possible: some program windows may still appear to have an appearance that is not in line with the previous one. We kindly ask you to report any oddities to us so we can intervene.

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Published on: Jun 10, 2024

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