How to create a jacketed vessel

These are the steps required to to enable a jacketed vessels calculation:

  1. Enable "Jacketed vessel option" under File > Item properties > Jacket tab. Define jacket conditions in the same window by switching to Operating conditions tab, then Jacket:

  2. Design the vessel as you would normally do

  3. When main shell - the one where jacket shall be applied to - is selected, "Add jacket" icon in the main toolbar is enabled:

  4. By clicking on "Add jacket" icon the external cylinder of jacket is added. Fill in dimensions, material and set its L offset from the base of previously selected (point 3) main shell:

  5. The jacket will be placed around main shell:

  6. From now on it is possible to connect other elements constituting the whole jacket, e.g. heads, cones and closures:

Author: Matteo Bagattini
Permalink: KB310234
Published on: 10 Sep 2014