Thread calculation according to EN14359 Clause 5.5.6

With NextGen it is possible to assess the stresses in the threads (of components having a cylindrical part) by performing a thread calculation procedure for projects according to EN13345. The thread calculation procedure allows to determine the minimum length of thread engagement for sustaining compressive stresses and the minimum length of thread engagement for sustaining shear stresses.

In order to perform the thread calculation the user must create a new component of type “thread calculation”. For doing this the user must first select the component on which he/she wants to perform the thread calculation procedure, and then click on the appropriate button for creating the “thread calculation” component as shown below:

On the window that appears the user shall insert all the necessary inputs:

When the cursor is positioned over a required geometrical input, in the helper image a yellow circle highlights that required input.

Calculation occurs in real time once all the inputs are inserted. The user can have a glance at the preliminary report for seeing the most important results of the calculation.

The full detailed calculation is described in the final report.

Author: Paolo Netso
Permalink: KB503605
Published on: October 04, 2022