Local loads transformation

Starting from version 2018.2, a new function is available that allows to consider the forces and moments due to the localized loads applied to nozzles and supports in the calculation of the base loads acting on the supports and in the actions between the sections of the columns calculated during the structural analysis.

This function can be enabled individually for each component for which verification according to WRC is enabled. Among the WRC properties there is now a new option that also allows to define for which load combination to perform the transport of the localized loads.

Once enabled, the program will perform the calculation according to Annex 2 of AD 2000-Merkblatt S 3/0 09.2016. It should be noted that this verification considers the signs of the forces and moments always considering the most conservative case, as foreseen by the indicated method.

Author: Sergio Lidonnici
Permalink: KB736575
Published on: July 16, 2018